Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The has moved...

Hi there friends!
I wanted to let you know that I've decided to switch blog providers for the new year, 2011, and thought I'd leave a post here to direct you all that way.
So add a new bookmark or tag the new blog as a favorite so you can visit often and catch up on all the happenings at Rebecca Lynne Photography.
Also, a new and great feature of the new blog is the ability to subscribe via email... so you won't miss a thing! LOVE IT!
Enjoy the new blog and feel free to post lots of comments and send me feedback on what you like, or don't like as much about it.
Thanks again for your loyal readership!
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P.S. Might as well add a HAPPY NEW YEAR'S image on here for ya'll!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ryan & Katie : Professional Portraits

Belated Merry Christmas wishes to all my wonderful fans and customers! It was a great year at the Houg home... our little guy, Collin, really enjoyed decorating the tree, making cookies and waiting for Santa. He's almost three now, so it's a blast shopping for him and his reactions are just priceless. He doesn't care what he gets or how much you spend and he'll look at you with those big eyes and say "You got a present for ME???" So sweet!
Just thought I'd share that little tidbit with you, but now I am happy to share some images from a session I squeezed in before Christmas.
These pictures are for my insurance agent, Ryan and his lovely girlfriend, Katie. They are just so perfect for each other. He's such a sweetheart, and she seems like she is equally kind-hearted. And a major plus, they both love their kitties, Franklin and Bubba. :) A match made in heaven.
I designed a super-cute holiday card for them. So I'm hoping you were on their list, but maybe I'll share the design here in a couple days. It was perfect to take some pictures in my lobby/gallery area, by the fireplace.
Katie is just starting to take guitar lessons, so Ryan thought it would be fun to showcase that new interest. Ryan, is a great musician and plays the organ for lots of events.
In addition to the insurance sales and organ playing, he also runs a great DJ service called Big Tones. I am not sure when this guy finds time to sleep! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jackson : Newborn Photo Session

I showcased maternity pictures a few weeks back from Katie's Belly Love session and now it's time to meet the newest addition to their family... little Jackson.
Isn't he enough to melt your heart? I just wanted to nuzzle into his sweet little baby cheeks and cuddle with him all afternoon.
He was such a good little boy too, didn't really want to go to sleep for me. But, eventually I won! :) LOL! Always do!
I know Katie's anxiously awaiting her sneak peek so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. These pictures speak for themselves.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Carys : 6 Month Baby : Portrait Session

Good morning! I couldn't wait to proof this little angel's pictures! Literally! I was working on them the same day, even though I had other things I should have done first! Sorry! I was just too excited.
She is a returning customer of mine and I just wanted to sneak a peek at the files and then I started weeding them out, and it was all downhill from there! LOL!
I love the cute little outfits her mom chose for her. Carys was a trooper, doing three clothing changes and some bare baby with the angel wings.
This little sweetie smiles sooo much. I just adore her.
Well, better get back to the things I should have been working on the other day!
P.S. I love our impromptu four generations picture at the end. Definitely something every family should have!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Lange Family : Albert Lea, MN : Family Portraits

I have known Christma for just a few months now, thanks to her wonderful cooking! That's right, you can get wonderful, oven-ready homemade meals from her. Once a month, she will deliver them (Albert Lea) or arrange a meeting to pick them up. I love the way this has taken so much stress out of my life. I don't have to worry as much about grocery shopping or what to make for supper, or clean up a mess from preparing the meal.
You can get all the details and this month's menu (which is sure to get your mouth watering!) by calling 507-377-250 or emailing
Now, if only I could find someone to clean my house for me... I would be stress free! ;) And maybe a neighbor kid that was always available and loved watching Collin. LOL!
Okay, okay, back to the topic at hand. Their family portrait session.
So, the first time Christma delivered my meals to my home, I asked if she'd like to see my studio and that's when I think she fell in love! :) I was so happy when a month or two later she was asking about booking a session and family clothing recommendations.
We decided to do all dark, solids clothing because she loves my black and white images and wanted their faces to really be the focal point of the portraits. Aren't her kid's pictures gorgeous!? They are so much more intimate than the cheesy school portraits.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Maggie Ann : Newborn Photography

This little sweetheart is the newest love of one of my past clients. I love her daughter, Sophie, and I was excited to meet Maggie. Let's just say that Maggie is an ideal second child. She's very mellow and go-with-the-flow.
She was already a month old before we got together for newborn pictures, which isn't usually what I recommend. I like doing them 10 days or younger, but we got extremely lucky and she was awake at first, but not fussy - nothing a pacifier couldn't fix anyway! ;)
Then, the darling girl fell asleep in her mommy's arms as I set up a new background and we got all these adorable sleeping pictures too! Don't you just want to eat her up!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christine & Ryan : Albert Lea, MN : Wedding Photography

I am really excited to share these images with you from a recent wedding I photographed. I am thinking I might even have to do a second post later featuring all the amazing flowers and decorations. They had the coolest ideas!
I loved working with Christine. She was all about the non-traditional types of pictures. I just love all the images we got. It was so hard to narrow them down, and I'm totally pumped about seeing her this Saturday to share the whole set of wedding images with her and her family.